Dennis Liu

Managing Director-Tech Clients

Silicon Valley

Dennis is Orrick’s Managing Director for technology clients, a business advisor focused on venture capital and client development efforts in the innovation ecosystem.

Dennis appreciates disruptors, innovators, and the spirited ethos of the entrepreneur. He channels that passion as an ambassador, leveraging his experience and relationships to develop opportunities for Orrick’s clients. Dennis provides guidance on navigating the venture ecosystem, advice on fundraising, and meaningful connections whether to other founders, investors, or legal practitioners within the firm.

Prior to joining Orrick, Dennis headed Ford Motor Company’s Silicon Valley corporate development efforts, managing investment activity and relationships with venture capital investors, corporate innovation/CVC outfits, and the greater startup ecosystem. Earlier in his career, Dennis worked in investment banking and in internal consulting/finance roles within corporates, as well as at venture capital firms and startups. He enjoys advising entrepreneurs and investors, speaking at conferences, and sharing best practices for strategic innovation with corporates with specific insight in the changing mobility landscape.

Dennis stays active with outdoor activities that the Bay Area offers and travels with his family with a fondness for street foods of the world.