Lily Becker


San Francisco


Lily Becker provides strategic and crisis management advice to companies and Boards confronting significant criminal, cybersecurity, or regulatory problems. She represents clients in government investigations and civil suits that may result.

Companies and Boards – both public and private – have sought her assistance in handling issues associated with cybersecurity incidents and allegations involving bribery, embezzlement, fraud, corporate governance, campaign finance and securities laws violations. She relies upon a multi-disciplinary problem-solving approach that is informed by her extensive legal, political, and federal monitorship experience. Her background and the varied nature of the matters she has handled affords her with a unique understanding of the internal and public ramifications that accompany any crisis and allows her to develop an effective crisis management plan and legal defense.

With an increasing government focus on independent monitorships, companies benefit from her deep experience in government-imposed and voluntary monitorships. She served on the Monitor Team for three SEC and DOJ FCPA Monitorships. She has also advised companies responding to Monitorships – both a DOJ and SEC Monitorship and a proactive, voluntary Monitorship to test critical controls.

Lily also assists clients with compliance programs at all stages. Her thorough understanding of data and financial controls systems helps companies operationalize controls that work, thus reducing the risk of downstream legal or reputational issues.

  • Criminal, SEC, and Internal Investigations

    • DOJ, SEC, and Congressional matters involving bribery, accounting practices, fraud, statements to the government, and more
    • Hundreds of investigations into bribery, leaks of confidential information, embezzlement, fraud, cybersecurity incidents, and more

    Cybersecurity Incidents

    • Immediate incident response and root cause analysis

    Compliance Programs: Design and Assessment

    • On Monitor Teams, tested controls and made recommendations for enhancement, reporting to the DOJ and SEC
    • Advice on building and testing controls; training to Boards and executives on governance and controls

    Securities Litigation and Shareholder Disputes

    • Represented companies and directors in shareholder class actions alleging securities fraud
    • Represented multiple founders in connection with earn-out or founder disputes