Michael Ferrel

Data & Applications Architect

San Francisco

Michael Ferrel has been a technologist for the legal industry for nearly 20 years. He got his start in the industry at Venture Law Group where he was a lead systems engineer and software developer.

After VLG, Michael ran a legal technology and software consulting practice, which serviced dozens of AMLAW 100 firms around the world. In his consulting practice, he migrated, deployed and integrated document management, records, accounting and client intake systems from virtually every major industry vendor. He developed and deployed custom line of business applications where no quality product existed to meet the demanding needs of global law firms and other companies. Although Michael has deep experience in systems architecture and management, he is a software geek at heart. He is a core Microsoft developer who focuses on .NET, SQL and cloud.

Michael previously served as the Vice President of Technology for VLP Law Group LLP (formerly Virtual Law Partners). Michael was recruited by Craig Johnson and Jackson Ratcliffe to help found the first completely virtual law firm in the United States. Michael was part of the VLP team for 10 years before joining Orrick Labs, where he once again is focused on changing the legal industry in a positive way.

When Michael is not sitting in front of a monitor, he is teaching Jujitsu, making wine or is off the grid in the wilderness enjoying the great outdoors.