Laura Rose (Bloxham) Barr



Laura works with some of the most innovative thinkers in the world. She takes legal pain-points for entrepreneurs - negotiating with VCs, getting team equity right and protecting IP - and makes them easy at every stage.

Laura is a founding member of Orrick’s technology companies practice in the Pacific Northwest. She is passionate about working with women founders, other underrepresented entrepreneurs, and double bottom line companies. People who think differently, and set out to create impact, inspire her.

She represents companies and their investors in a variety of verticals, including AI & Machine Learning (Anthropic), consumer applications (AppSheet, Life360, Mylio), education technology (Go1), financial technology (SoFi), information security (Stairwell) and life sciences (Cortexyme, Inmedix), among others. 

Prior to joining Orrick, Laura worked in New York as a leveraged finance attorney at Milbank, and in-house at Goldman Sachs and the New York Stock Exchange. In addition to start-up representation, she regularly provides pro bono legal advice to charitable organizations regarding non-profit incorporation and tax exemption applications. (d/b/a Two Tap)
    • $9.5 million sale to Honey
    • $19.3 million Series A financing
    • Acquisition by Google
    • $8.8 million Series A financing
    • $22.5 million Series B financing
    CI Security
    • $6.4 million Series A financing
    • $16 million Series B financing
    • $185 million Series C financing
    • $400 million Series D financing
    • $76.9 million Series B financing
    • $75 million IPO on NASDAQ
    • $50.9 million IPO on ASX
    • $2.5 million Series Seed financing
    • $300 million Series D financing
    • $300 million acquisition of Drivy
    • $18.1 million Series A financing
    Ladder Financial
    • $30 million Series B financing
    • $28 million Series D financing
    • $120.1 million IPO on ASX
    • $230 million Series C investment in Psiquantum
    • $70 million Series F investment in BlueVine
    • $10 million Series B investment in Skedulo Holdings, Inc
    • $25 million Series B investment in Syntiant
    Oisin Biotechnologies
    • $3 million Safe financing
    • $3 million Seed financing
    Social Finance (d/b/a SoFi)
    • General corporate advisement on its $1.2 billion acquisition of Galileo
    Solfice Research (d/b/a Civil Maps)
    • $9.4 million Series A financing
    Varian Medical Systems
    • $140 million Series B investment in Fusion Pharmaceuticals