Yali Hu

Senior Associate


Yali Hu, a senior associate in Orrick's Beijing office, is a member of the Intellectual Property Group. 

Yali assists local- and foreign-based multinational companies with all aspects of their intellectual property rights in China, Europe and the United States, including Section 337 U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) litigation. Yali has extensional experience in patent, trademark, domain name, copyright and trade secret.

Yali’s intellectual property-related services include patent filing and subsequent maintenance affairs for her clients.

    • Defended a prestigious U.S. company producing and designing computer memory and computer data storage in a patent infringement lawsuit (2018-2020).
    • Advised a leading Chinese technology company on its free to operate patent search and analysis in auto pilot projects, open source practice and patent pool (2017-2020).
    • Assisted a U.S. semiconductor company to deal with a criminal case involved in one of its employees (2019-2020).
    • Advised an international oilfield services company on evidence collection and patent infringement litigation (2017-2019).
    • Assisted a Chinese prominent internet-service-based company on evidence collection and forensic legalization process (2018).
    • Represented a leading U.S. company in respiratory and hearing protection products in its patent infringement lawsuit, evidence collection, negotiation with local distributors and patent invalidation proceeding (2017-2018).
    • Successfully assisted China Institute of Atomic Energy in defending a product liability lawsuit filed in the U.S. (2018).
    • Successfully helped defend and obtain good outcome for key executives of Beijing DaBeiNong Technology Group in an industrial espionage case in the United States District Court of Southern District of Iowa (2017).
    • Advised a U.S. dental equipment company on evidence collection and potential trade secret misappropriation lawsuit (2017).
    • Advised a U.S. company on patent remuneration and award policy and agreements (2017).
    • Successfully defended China National Building Materials Group and its six subsidiaries in a US$1.5 billion class action lawsuit filed in the U.S. for alleged defective drywall building materials (2014-2016).
    • Assisted a U.S. well-known medical device company to collect evidence for its trade secret misappropriation lawsuit in the US and potential action in China (2015-2016).
    • Advised a Chinese top biotechnology company against trade secret allegation at a U.S. court (2014).
    • Advised a U.S. leading semiconductor company on strategies for patent lawsuits in China, analyzed patents and collected evidence in China (2012-2013).
    • Analyzed a potential patent infringement suit in China for a U.S. major telecommunication device company, which involved analysis on standards-essential patents, device features and expert opinions (2012) and involved evidence collection to prepare for a potential patent infringement lawsuit in China (2013).
    • Advised a U.S. primary optical component provider in defending a potential patent infringement allegation and analyzing a trade secret misappropriation claim (2012).
    • Defended a leading Israeli RFID card manufacture company against patent infringement allegations and customs enforcement proceedings and initiated a patent invalidation proceeding, which led to a final landmark global settlement with the company’s major competitor favorable for the Israeli company (2007-2012).
    • Represented a prominent U.S. software company in two patent infringement lawsuits before a Beijing court and a related patent invalidation proceeding before the Chinese Patent Reexamination Board (PRB), which led to a favorable PRB decision for the client and the withdrawal of the litigation cases by the opposing party (2012).
    • Successfully defended TPK Touch Solutions in a series of “bet the company” patent invalidation petitions before the PRB, which led to favorable PRB decisions for two cases (2009 and 2012) and a withdrawal by the petitioner for one case (2011).
    • Assisted a major U.S. electronic device company in discovery procedure for a federal patent infringement suit, including coordinating with the management of the company’s China subsidiary, communicating with inventors and technical personnel to produce documents and assisting in depositions (2009-2010).
    • Defended a major Taiwan stationary company in a patent infringement lawsuit in Beijing and initiated a patent invalidation proceeding before the PRB, which led to a favorable settlement for the client (2010).
    • Advised a leading U.S. e-commerce company in understanding issues concerning preliminary injunction and Internet related infringement jurisdiction, cross-border technology license and assignment, employee inventor compensation and IP ownership in China litigation system (2007).
    • Conducted IP due diligence, patent prosecution, especially original patent drafting for a major European automobile component company (2007-2016).
    • Collected evidence for a leading Chinese Internet company for a potential breach of contract and trade secret misappropriation suit (2013).
    • Assisted a foreign country patent office and a foreign multinational company in an investigation on intellectual property management system and organizations in China (2013).
    • Advised a Japanese pharmaceutical company in discovery for a U.S. ITC Section 337 investigation case (2008).