A Senior Associate in the Supreme Court and Appellate Group, Chris's practice focuses on high-stakes appeals and cutting-edge legal issues.

Chris has a deep passion for intellectual property law, and he specializes in complex copyright and trademark issues arising at the intersection of business and technology. He has represented major tech developers, biomedical manufacturers, and content creators on a wide range of critically important issues. In particular, Chris has litigated cutting-edge issues of personal jurisdiction, extraterritoriality, and damages; the trademark law’s trade dress, functionality, dilution, and nominative fair use doctrines; and the daunting copyright questions that confront technology providers and platforms in the digital age. Chris also has a wealth of experience counseling Fintech clients on novel issues confronting that industry. And he has represented clients in appeals involving trade secrets, class action litigation, bankruptcy, telecommunications, constitutional law, and more. He has authored merits briefs and cert. petitions in the U.S. Supreme Court, as well as dozens of briefs in federal and state courts of appeals. And he has represented clients in trial courts, crafting dispositive motions, witness declarations, evidentiary objections, and jury instructions.

Chris also maintains an active pro bono practice. He won an appeal in the Ninth Circuit on behalf of a client seeking immigration relief, and currently represents clients on issues ranging from copyright’s willfulness doctrine, to freedom of information laws, to New York state’s parole system. Chris is also an active member of the bar, sitting on the Federal Bar Council’s Public Service Committee.

Prior to joining Orrick, Chris was a law clerk to Judge Robert D. Sack of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit and Chief Judge Carol B. Amon of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York.

  • Chris has extensive experience advising clients on intellectual property issues:

    • Represents a biomedical device manufacturer in an appeal presenting trademark functionality and estoppel issues

    • Represents a consumer products manufacturer in ongoing trade dress litigation alleging infringement and dilution claims

    • Represented a major technology provider in high-stakes copyright litigation presenting issues of infringement, volitional conduct, and fair use

    • Represented a university in a major patent appeal, successfully defending one of the largest patent verdicts in history

    • Represented a major tech company in overturning an adverse PTO decision before the Federal Circuit

    • Advised clients from video game creators to major tech companies on product development and litigation strategy

    Chris has also represented clients in other major appeals, including:

    • Two Supreme Court merits cases, one presenting issues of attorney’s fees under the Copyright Act and the other concerning municipal liability

    • An appeal from a major class action arising under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act

    • Two successful defenses in appeals from the bankruptcy of a large municipality

    • A full win in an appeal defending an online retail platform from antitrust claims

    • A victory before the California Supreme Court in an appeal concerning the unfinished business doctrine