Education Technology D2L Acquires H5P

2 minute read | July.10.2024

D2L Inc., a global learning technology company based in Ontario, Canada, is acquiring H5P Group, a leading provider of interactive content-creation software.

Orrick and Norwegian co-counsel Advokatfirmaet CLP advised D2L.


D2L is transforming the way the world learns – helping learners of all ages achieve more than they dreamed possible. Working closely with customers all over the world, D2L is supporting millions of people learning online and in person. The company is headquartered in Kitchener, Ontario.

H5P Group is a world leader in interactive content and lead the community driven H5P project. H5P is a cutting-edge platform for creating and distributing rich HTML5 content that helps educators, marketers and businesses develop interactive content by offering a user-friendly, web-based  interface  that  empowers  users  to  create,  share  and  reuse  engaging  interactive  content effortlessly.

Founded in 2014, H5P Group has a global user base across more than 50 countries. It serves millions of individuals. 


The transaction reinforces D2L’s dedication to providing powerful learning experiences to transform learning around the world.  

“We are thrilled that H5P is now a part of D2L. At D2L, we believe it should be easy to create engaging and powerful learning content to help users achieve better learning outcomes, and H5P’s suite of user-friendly learning content types is world-class,” said D2L CEO and founder John Baker. 

“We look forward to supporting millions of users and partners to foster better learning outcomes and to help people around the world achieve more than they ever dreamed possible.” 


David Ruff, Tim Carroll and Kayla Southworth led the cross-border Orrick team that advised D2L. The team also included Sarah Schaedler, Emily Tabatabai, Daniel HealowAlex Sobolev, Anna O’Kelly, Matthew Coleman and Victor Oriard.