Crossbeam and Reveal Join Forces to Disrupt Go-to-Market Strategy

1 minute read | June.26.2024

Français: Orrick conseille Crossbeam dans le cadre de sa fusion transfrontalière avec Reveal

Crossbeam, a data-driven partner ecosystem company, has merged with Reveal to create “a best-of-both-worlds customer experience that includes a single unified data network.”

A cross-border Orrick team represented Crossbeam from offices in New York, Paris and other cities. 


Crossbeam is the leader in ecosystem-led growth, providing a comprehensive GTM platform for companies to automate account mapping, co-sell, and win bigger deals, faster.

Based in Paris, Reveal leverages the power of partners’ data to accelerate sales and win more deals. 

More than 25,000 companies have adopted Crossbeam or Reveal to automate account mapping, share CRM data across their partner ecosystems and supercharge their go-to-market teams with partner data and relationships.


The combined company plans to create a single unified data network. This will allow the company to drive an innovative roadmap of products for all go-to-market teams that goes above and beyond today’s commoditized world of intent signals and workflows. 

The combined network will represent the world’s largest repository of ecosystem data, a critical input to AI tools and copilots used by go-to-market teams. 


Josh Beser, David Schwartz and Patrick Tardivy led the team that advised Crossbeam. The team also included Jamie Kamen Baroff, Catherine Conners, Sarah Rachedi, Julia Apostle, Julien Barbey, Julien Beloeil, Chris Bulkley, Matthew Coleman, Katie Cotton, Tamir Debbi, Ariel Simmonds Durandisse, Pete Elias, Daniel Forester, Craig Falls, Jessie Gaston, Andy Gong, Lauren Guilford, Gilbert Harrold, Patrick Hubert, Malik Idri, Rami Kawkabani, Chek-Lhy Luu, Danielle Mangogna, Hanan Mazboudi, Christy Matelis, Maiten Le Brishoual, Mark Mushkin, John Narducci, Nadége Owen, Quitterie De La Poype, Michael Wiesner, Anna Humphrey, Shannon Yavorsky, Emma Zarb, Alyssa Wolfington, David Walder and Timothé Valognes.


Crossbeam announcement

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