Accelerating the Deployment of Fusion Energy: Xcimer Energy Inc. Raises $100 Million

2 minute read | June.07.2024

Xcimer Energy Inc. has raised $100 million in Series A financing to pursue its vision of developing a source of unlimited, clean, safe and reliable energy.

Orrick represented Xcimer, an inertial fusion company that combines novel laser technology with proven science to accelerate the commercial deployment of fusion energy. 

Hedosophia led the funding round, with participation from investors including Breakthrough Energy Ventures, Lowercarbon Capital, Prelude Ventures, Emerson Collective, Gigascale Capital and Starlight Ventures.

The financing will enable Xcimer to expand its team and build a prototype system to demonstrate the viability of its low-cost, high-energy laser approach.


Founded in 2022 and based in Denver, Colorado, with an office in Redwood City, California, Xcimer is backed by several of the world’s leading climate technology investors. The company has been selected for funding by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Milestone-Based Fusion Development Program.

Xcimer seeks to extend the proven science of inertial fusion to industrial scale by developing the world’s highest-energy laser system and combining it with key technologies and innovations from multiple fields. It has developed an approach to fusion energy that many experts recognize as having the best long-term economics and therefore most viable commercialization prospects of any fusion approach.


Xcimer will use the financing to establish a new facility in Denver, where it will build a prototype laser system including the world’s largest nonlinear optical pulse compression system to advance the development of its transformative technology for laser-driven inertial fusion.

“This Series A financing enables us to achieve key milestones along the path to commercial inertial fusion energy,” said Conner Galloway, CEO and chief science officer of Xcimer. “We’re thrilled that our industry-leading investors, as well as our partners from U.S. national labs, academic institutions and private industry, are joining us on our mission to bring safe, reliable, zero-carbon and economical energy to the world.”

The company also plans to use the financing to expand its technical team in Denver.


Orrick’s Blake Ilstrup led a team advising Xcimer. The team also included Brian Kim, KT Nguyen, Harry Clark, Katherine Hogan, Haley Flora and Daniel Yost.


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