Orrick Celebrates New D.C. Office Opening

1 minute read | May.28.2024

Orrick clients, alumni and friends recently gathered with lawyers and staff to celebrate the opening of the firm’s new Washington, D.C. office space, which brings together Orrick’s 185 lawyers in the region, including 75 partners, further fueling the many meaningful connections and client collaborations created since Orrick combined with Buckley last February.

Orrick’s teams in D.C. work with 90% of the firm's top 200 clients, and 75% of the firm's top 50 fintech clients now rely on Orrick for both financing and regulatory advice.

Law360 profiled Orrick’s new D.C. office, featuring its numerous amenities focused on fostering attorney collaboration.

In the article, D.C. Office Leader A. Paul Zarnowiecki shared, “We also want to make sure that we've got a vibrant D.C. office, where our clients can come and get the best representation possible, that our teams can function at a high level, and I think our new space is just fantastic and really helps with that.” He added, “We needed a building that reflected our focus on innovation and technology, and this is a building that reflects the future.”