Managing IP Features Growth and Success of Orrick’s IP Litigation Practice

1 minute read | March.11.2024

  • In this feature, Managing IP highlighted our IP team’s run of high-profile courtroom wins, emphasis on protecting the innovations of our tech and life sciences clients and our cutting-edge work in the new frontier of copyright litigation involving issues related to AI.
  • Partners Alyssa Caridis and Clem Roberts, co-leaders of our IP Business Unit, told the publication that the practice is focused on growing in areas such as life sciences to meet the growing demand for IP protections, as well as expertise in litigating patent cases in the International Trade Commission and other arenas. The publication cited our recent hires of IP partners Tim Carroll, Josh Pond and Laura Wytsma.

“The legal business is [a reflection] of the underlying economy. Where there’s a lot of innovation, that’s where IP litigation and counselling become more valuable,” Clem said. “One major area for that is on the technology side, specifically around AI, and the other is in life sciences. Those are major drivers of the economy right now. Law firms are trying to staff up to meet those demands.”

Added Alyssa: “One of the best business development tools you have is your success in the courtroom. The group as a whole has had some tremendous successes in the IP litigation space. The best way you can show you’re delivering an excellent work product is by winning, and we’ve been doing that.”