Community Solar Farms: CleanCapital Expands Partnership with Sunrise Mountain Partners

1 minute read | March.26.2024

Diversified energy company CleanCapital and Sunrise Mountain Partners have announced “a significant expansion” of their partnership that accelerates investment in and development of community-based solar projects.

Orrick represented CleanCapital.

The strategic alliance between CleanCapital and Sunrise has led to more than 35 projects in three states since 2022.


CleanCapital is a diversified clean energy company specializing in middle-market solar and storage solutions, leading the energy transition by strategically investing in early-stage, new construction and operating renewables projects and development partners.

Sunrise Mountain Partners collaborates with landowners and communities. The company develops, constructs and operates solar farms, delivering clean electricity and economic benefits to local communities.


The strategic alliance will pave the way for dozens of community solar farms across multiple states projected to deliver about 350 million kilowatt hours of clean energy a year to local communities, generate local tax revenues and create hundreds of jobs.

It represents a significant step for CleanCapital’s objective of accelerating the flow of institutional capital into critical grid resilience projects crucial for the nation’s clean energy transition. 


Orrick’s Kristin Seeger advised CleanCapital.


CleanCapital news release

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