Accelerating AI and Data Initiatives: Entrada Receives ‘Strategic Investment’ From Databricks Ventures

2 minute read | March.07.2024

Entrada, a leading Databricks consulting and implementation services firm, has received a strategic investment from Databricks Ventures to help scale the firm’s next leg of growth.

Orrick advised Entrada.


Entrada is a Databricks-focused consulting and implementation partner backed by Databricks Ventures. The company harnesses the power of Databricks to help customers accelerate AI and data initiatives.

Entrada’s expertise in AI/ML, Databricks and analytics centers around industry-centric solutions. It seeks to simplify complex data and AI challenges and support end-to-end transformations, delivering future-ready solutions fast.

“We are thrilled to expand our Databricks partnership with its strategic investment in Entrada,” Entrada CEO Trey Roldan said. “Entrada’s service innovations allow customers to rapidly achieve the benefits of Databricks technology.”

Databricks Ventures is the strategic investment arm of Databricks. Databricks Ventures invests in innovative companies that align with its view of the future for data, analytics and AI.


The investment comes shortly after Entrada released a series of solutions designed to guide customers from the initial stages of Databricks implementation through adopting advanced capabilities, such as generative AI.


The Orrick team that advised Entrada included Shawn Atkinson, Jason Wu, Sullivan Berthier, Anna Suh and Katherine K. Hogan.


Entrada news release

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