Italian Startup Colossus Completes Funding Round to Pursue Its Vision of a Balanced and Fair Digital Ecosystem

2 minute read | June.20.2023


Italian startup Colossus recently completed a €2.5 million funding round.

As a pioneer in the future of web3, Colossus combines technological, financial, and management knowledge with an in-depth understanding of blockchain to ensure a balanced and fair digital ecosystem. The company is committed to bridging the gap between institutional and retail investors through its comprehensive services, including bespoke staking and custody solutions.

A key part of the company's offering is the development of technological solutions to facilitate investments in digital assets, effectively eliminating the volatility factor traditionally associated with cryptocurrency. These offerings empower investors to participate confidently in digital assets, knowing their investments are securely managed and protected.


Following the successful funding round, Colossus plans to consolidate its market position, expand its offerings, and potentially acquire other companies. The fresh capital infusion will enable the company to bolster its innovative staking and custody services while exploring new avenues for growth in the web3 space.


Orrick’s Technology Companies Group advised Colossus, with Flavio Notari leading the relationship and the team members Angelo Timpanaro, Gabriele Greco and Camilla Larcher advising on the funding round.


To learn more about Colossus' vision for a balanced and fair digital ecosystem, or to explore its range of institutional-grade staking and custody services, visit Colossus.

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