Joinder Spins Out from Orrick Labs to Pursue Growth as an Independent Saas Company


Congratulations to the team at Joinder on its spin out from Orrick Labs. Joinder is a platform changing the way clients and law firms work together through data and automation and its CEO is former Orrick partner Don Keller.

Joinder is the first product incubated at Orrick Labs and is part of a fast-growing crop of legal tech providers improving efficiency in the delivery of legal services. The Joinder platform is designed to better enable corporate legal departments to collaborate with their legal service providers by combining the four critical pillars to legal work – data storage, task management, communications and document management – into a single digital workspace.

Don, who headed Orrick’s global tech sector practice is partnering with Jim Brock, who is the spinoff’s Chief Products Officer.

“When we launched Orrick Labs, our goal was to tackle problems for which we did not see adequate solutions in the market,” said Mitch Zuklie, Orrick Chairman and CEO. “Joinder, the result of our client’s demands for more insight into their records, is the first product to spin out from the Lab. And it is just that: a better platform for legal engagement, built by a team that understands how lawyers and legal departments work together. We are thrilled to spin Joinder out to an independent company, led by a top-notch team.” 

Orrick uses Joinder to enhance client service in a number of ways, including as a system-of-record for more than 1,000 clients. The firm’s Privacy in a Box solution is also offered on the Joinder platform.

Learn more about Joinder’s announcement and visit the Joinder website for more information.