The Recorder Features Partner John Bautista as Finalist for Innovator of the Year


Congratulations to partner John Bautista for being named a finalist for The Recorder’s “Innovator of the Year” award for his groundbreaking work in developing the Long Term Stock Exchange. John was featured in this Q & A describing his approach to innovation and his involvement, both as chief lawyer and co-founder, in creating a new stock exchange focused on long-term business strategies.

“Innovation to me means identifying, developing and launching solutions that involve both technology and law to solve significant problems for emerging companies,” John told the publication. “Innovative solutions are novel because others have not yet identified them. To be an effective innovator who takes on significant problems requires collaborating with others and moving quickly.”

John is one of five finalists for the award, which is part of The Recorder’s California Leaders in Tech Law and Innovation Awards. The winners will be announced on Nov. 6. This is the latest recognition for John’s innovation in the tech sector, including being named one of the top ten legal innovators in North America by Financial Times in 2017.

Orrick is also a finalist for Tech Litigation Department of the Year, and was recognized as one of the top startup/emerging company firms of the year. In addition, partner Lynne Hermle is on the list of top Women Leaders in Tech Law.