Bloomberg Spotlights Orrick’s Tool that Crowdsources Data about Legal Technology


Roy Strom of Bloomberg Big Law Business published an article about The Observatory, Orrick’s internal social network tool for sharing information and experiences related to legal technology. In highlighting the need for Big Law firms to “have systems in place to stay up to date with the web of software companies trying to augment lawyers’ work,” Strom says, “Orrick is again a good example of a firm that has built a system aimed at a solution.”

The Observatory allows lawyers to research over 600 legal tech tools in-house. It also tracks all of the innovation projects at the firm, so groups can leverage off what other teams are doing.

The tool was rolled out by Chief Innovation Officer Wendy Butler Curtis and Director of Orrick Analytics Daryl Shetterly. “We are cutting through a lot of the market hype on tools by putting people in touch with peers who have actually used it down the hall,” Daryl said to Bloomberg

To learn more about The Observatory and other steps we’re taking to instill a culture of innovation at Orrick, you can hear our Innovation Team on the Law X.0 podcast with hosts Dori Goldstein and Meg McEvoy.