Marc Bauer Receives Orrick Annual Pro Bono Award for 2018


Los Angeles based partner Marc Bauer was honored with Orrick’s annual Pro Bono Award for 2018 for his work on behalf of voting rights nonprofit VoteRiders.

Marc has served as the pro bono coordinator for Orrick’s Los Angeles office since 2012. In 2017, Marc spearheaded a partnership between Orrick and VoteRiders, a nonpartisan nonprofit based in Santa Monica that works all over the country to help eligible voters obtain required voter IDs. As part of this relationship, Marc coordinated a team of more than a dozen Orrick lawyers to create Voter Identification Guides for every state that has a voter ID law.

Leading up to and during the November 2018 election, Marc stepped up to coordinate the Election Protection Field Program in Los Angeles. After years of not having a Los Angeles field program, Marc volunteered to coordinate the entire field program for the November 2018 election and ended up running the successful program of more than 70 local lawyers, including several from Orrick. Because of his efforts, Marc was invited to join the Board of Trustees of VoteRiders.