Fortune Features Orrick’s Mindfulness Program in its “Best Companies to Work For” Issue

Fortune | February.14.2019

Along with being named a top 15 best place to work by Fortune, Orrick is featured in the March 2019 issue of Fortune Magazine for our mindfulness and stress management program called “The Whole You.” The firm introduced this program to help our lawyers and staff improve performance and reduce stress. It includes weekly meditations in many of our offices and private meditation rooms, and mindfulness sessions with Jon Krop, a Harvard JD who is now a meditation teacher.

As Chairman Mitch Zuklie told Fortune, “There’s something about gathering once a week in the meditation workshops that connects us as humans, regardless of our role at the firm or what we have going on that particular day.”

Jon Krop

Jon Krop, a Harvard JD and founder of Mindfulness for Lawyers, shares his perspective on how and why to incorporate a regular meditation practice into your day. Spoiler alert: He’ll guide you through a brief (and painless) meditation.