Siobhan Handley Discusses How Law Firm Summer Programs Are Changing After #MeToo


Orrick Chief Talent Officer Siobhan Handley recently spoke with The American Lawyer [subscription required] about how law firms have modified their summer programs in light of the #MeToo movement. Orrick’s 2018 summer associates will participate in a training program on “Teamwork in the #MeToo Era.” The program covers policy issues but also uses hypotheticals to engage lawyers and staff in a conversation about mentoring and other aspects of an inclusive culture.

“We felt like it was important to roll out some training to make sure people really understood the policies in light of #MeToo,” Siobhan said. “And we thought it was really important that we do this when the summer associates were a part of the firm.”

Siobhan also noted that the firm has taken a fresh look at other summer program events, introducing activities focused on developing the “whole person” such as meditation workshops and training in design-centered thinking. “We want to get away from this idea that every social event for the summer associates has to have a bunch of alcohol,” she said.