Orrick and LTSE Launch First-Of-Its-Kind IPO Assessment Tool for Founders


In collaboration with the Long Term Stock Exchange (LTSE), Orrick today announced the launch of IPO Ready, a first-of-its-kind IPO Assessment Tool that gives tech founders the ability to evaluate whether their startup is ready to go public and list on any exchange. IPO Ready is an unprecedented solution for private companies that can now stress-test everything from their investment narrative and financial infrastructure to team strength and corporate governance on their path to an IPO.

This tool, developed by an Orrick team led by Technology Companies Group partner John Bautista and LTSE, prepares startups to assess readiness for an IPO through a series of questions that can be completed in just 20 minutes. The survey produces a readiness score at the end of the process to give founders a roadmap to next steps, regardless of what stage their company is in. The tool ultimately helps startups understand what it means to be IPO ready and provides the framework for the continued growth and health of their company.

Orrick’s TCG and Capital Markets practices partnered with LTSE on the free tool as part of the firm’s industry-leading efforts to use innovation to help clients across industries address their business challenges. John, who worked closely with partner Karen Dempsey on the effort, called the tool a “change-maker” for helping startup founders.

“At Orrick, we think it is never too early to start acting like a public company if your goal is to be a public company,” John said.

John is a board member of LTSE, a groundbreaking technology company that is developing a stock exchange focused on long-term results for public companies rather than the customary quarter-by-quarter results long emphasized by traditional U.S. exchanges. LTSE has established the IPO readiness assessment tool as part of its strategy to revolutionize the market for founders.

"The LTSE is excited to partner with Orrick, creating IPO Ready to help CEOs who aspire to go public assess where they are, prioritize the necessary tasks and move towards that goal,” said Eric Ries, LTSE's founder and CEO.  "We are devoted to using such new innovations to change the way startups are built, developed and launched on the public market, and this is another tool to help founders create businesses positioned for long-term success.”

To learn more about IPO Ready and access more IPO resources, go to Orrick IPO Ready Page.

Orrick’s global tech practice advises more than 1,800 high-growth companies, and the firm has unveiled a series of innovations to help clients through our in-house tech solutions. Last year, we launched the legal industry’s most comprehensive automated tool for assessing a company’s readiness for compliance with the European Union’s GDPR. And we also launched Orrick Labs, an incubator of in-house technologists developing cutting-edge legal service solutions, including a TCG Dashboard that enables our tech company clients to more easily access their comprehensive corporate legal information to collaborate with Orrick teams.

The Financial Times has named Orrick the Most Innovative Law Firm in North America the past two years. In addition, FT last year named John one of its Ten Most Innovative Individuals in 2017, calling him “one of the most influential lawyers in the technology ecosystem of Silicon Valley.”