Roy Strom Writes about our “Holistic Approach” to Innovation in his “The Law Firm Disrupted” column

The American Lawyer | May.25.2018

In a column about how to engage lawyers in innovation, The American Lawyer’s Roy Strom talked about Orrick’s “holistic approach to innovation incentives that more firms should adopt.”

He cites the many ways we are engaging our lawyers in improving client service and the practice of law, including the Higgins Commission – a group of 20 junior partners tasked with advising on our five-year strategic plan – and 2% time, where we ask our partners to devote 2% of their time each year to working on new ways of doing things. For our associates, Strom mentions credit for time spent on innovation projects, summer associate hackathons, and a $50,000 Innovation Prize we give each year.

Orrick was named the most innovative law firm in North America by the Financial Times in 2017, for the second year in a row.