Orrick Continues Rise in French Tech and VC Market

Capital Finance | May.23.2018

Ranking Orrick a top advisor for French venture capital, Capital Finance featured our Paris Tech Companies Group in an article about how international law firms are dominating the country’s VC market. The leading French financial newspaper ranked Orrick #3 by deal value and #5 by deal volume for our counsel on 35 financings in 2017 totaling €184 million.

Capital Finance reported: “According to various lawyers in the sector, Orrick is a law firm that has made one of the most significant breakthroughs in recent years. It has quite a different approach than the two market leaders {Gide and Jones Day}, as it is mainly focused on the founders of startups.”

In discussing the firm’s tech strategy with Capital Finance, Ben Cichostepski explained that "We worked our way up the ladder bit by bit, by representing quite a few VCs. Today, we position ourselves to work mainly with entrepreneurs. Last year, for example, we worked on the only two IPOs in the technology sector, but we also advised on the sales of startups Zenly and Teads."

Capital Finance noted that venture capital is “in the firm’s DNA,” citing Bay Area partners, such as John Bautista, Mitch Zuklie and Stephen Venuto.