Orrick Ranked Among Top Ten EMEA Corporate Investment Grade Legal Advisers by Bloomberg


Bloomberg recently released its ranking of the legal advisers in the EMEA Corporate Investment Grade, where Orrick ranks ninth – a rise of 15 positions from last year’s ranking.

Orrick’s rise in the ranking is due to the work of our Italian Banking & Finance team, who represent both SNAM S.p.A. and Italgas S.p.A. as issuers in their respective EUR10 and EUR2.8 billion EMTN programs. The team has assisted both issuers since the set-up of their EMTN Programs, in the annual update and every single issuance. In the period covered by Bloomberg’s rankings, Italgas issued an aggregated amount of EUR 2.150 billion while SNAM totaled EUR800 million through two issuances.

The Orrick team whose work contributed to this ranking is led by Patrizio Messina with Madeleine Horrocks, Alessandro Accrocca, Beatrice Maffeis, Enea Visoka and Camilla Dejana.