Orrick Named a Finalist for LendIt’s “Top Law Firm” Award in Fintech


LendIt, the world’s largest event series in fintech and lending, recently announced the finalists in its first annual LendIt Industry Awards. Orrick is very pleased to be one of only six law firms named in the “Top Law Firm” category. Orrick’s global fintech team strives to provide innovative legal solutions to help fintech companies of all sizes achieve their commercial and growth objectives. We also work with investment banks, funds and other financial institutions and investors on the financings that fund fintech companies and their activities.

From over 250 nominations across 17 categories, the awards are designed to celebrate innovation and achievement throughout the fintech space. The “Top Law Firm” award will be presented to the firm that has demonstrated deep expertise, unique value and commitment to client and the dissemination of legal best practices for online lending.

“We constantly strive to provide our clients with service and innovation of the highest quality, so we are delighted to be shortlisted for this award. It embodies the spirit of our entrepreneurial culture at Orrick,” said Howard Altarescu, co-leader of Orrick’s Fintech group.

The winners of each category will be announced at the dinner awards ceremony on March 7 in New York City. Barrie VanBrackle, also a co-leader of Orrick’s Fintech group, stated “it’s such an exciting time in fintech. As I look at the individuals and companies who were shortlisted in each category, I feel honored that Orrick was included as a finalist.”