Orrick Team Plays Central Role In Settling Oracle Dispute With Oregon


An Orrick team was instrumental in crafting this week’s multi-dimensional settlement between client Oracle America Inc. and the state of Oregon, resolving a difficult and often contentious two-year legal dispute centered on the state’s failed health insurance exchange project.

Led by partner Karen Johnson-McKewan, Orrick’s team played an integral part in a pact that resolves six separate lawsuits unfolding in several state and federal jurisdictions, avoiding costly trials scheduled to begin in the coming months. Oracle agreed to a settlement package that gave Oregon state agencies a cost-free license to Oracle software, and in which Oracle agreed to contribute $10 million to an Oracle-branded STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) initiative for Oregon’s schools, and $25 million to cover part of the State’s attorneys’ fees. The State’s lawsuit had sought more than $6 billion in damages and to bar Oracle from future business with the State.

“We are pleased to have this contentious litigation behind us and to provide Oregon with the flexibility to obtain the software and technical support it desires to address the State’s needs over the next several years,” said Dorian Daley, Oracle’s executive vice president and general counsel. “We are also proud of our continued focus on the STEM education and the benefits it can provide to the communities in which we do business.”

The Orrick team worked closely with Dorian and her legal department throughout the complex dispute, as well as coordinating with other law firms involved in the matter. In addition to Karen, the Orrick team included eight other Orrick partners, including Rob Shwarts, Erin Connell, Warrington Parker, Rob Reznick, Bas de Blank, Mike Weed, Kelsi Corkran and Christy Von der Ahe, and a large team of associates and paralegals led by Jake Heath and Cathy Lui.