Josh Rosenkranz Named NLJ Appellate Lawyer of the Week


Supreme Court and appellate litigation partner Josh Rosenkranz was recognized by The National Law Journal as its "Appellate Lawyer of the Week." The publication cited Josh's pending U.S. Supreme Court case - Nevada Commission on Ethics v. Carrigan.

Josh represents Sparks City Council member Michael Carrigan, who was censured for voting on a casino project that involved his campaign manager. Carrigan challenged the law as a violation of his First Amendment free speech rights. The Nevada Supreme Court agreed, applying "strict scrutiny" to overturn the law.

The case has drawn wide interest because of the possible implications of finding that a legislator's vote is an act of free speech. If it is, and if the highest "strict scrutiny" standard is applied to restrictions on that form of speech, then some worry that a range of good government measures, including general recusal and open meetings statutes, could be struck down.