Orrick Partners with University of Michigan Law School to Launch Michigan’s First Veterans Law Clinic


Orrick is proud to be supporting University of Michigan Law School in the launch of its new Veterans Legal Clinic. The clinic will provide veterans and, in some cases, their immediate families with legal help in civil matters such as family law, eviction, consumer problems, foreclosure, and employment cases. The clinic also will assist veterans with service-related matters such as disability benefits and discharge status challenges.
The launch of the Veterans Legal Clinic was spearheaded by Michigan Law alum and ABC News Correspondent Bob Woodruff. Orrick is assisting the clinic both financially as well as through pro bono legal support. Orrick also partnered with Michigan Law in 2008 to establish the Michigan Innocence Clinic, where students investigate and litigate cases on behalf of prisoners who have new evidence that may establish that they are actually innocent of the crimes for which they have been convicted. Unlike many other innocence clinics, which specialize in DNA exonerations, the Michigan Innocence Clinic focuses on innocence cases where there is no biological evidence to be tested.
Orrick Board member and Michigan alum Jim Stengel spoke to university publication Law Quadrangle regarding Orrick’s commitment to the project. “Orrick’s success with the Michigan Innocence Clinic created a high level of interest in the law school’s clinical programs,” he said, adding, “Each of the clinics serves a real need, and there is great satisfaction that comes from that, but this practical learning experience of serving clients can also be the foundation of a career.” ​