NYC Family Court Project Efforts Recognized


Nick Laveris and Rene Kathawala were recognized for their participation and contributions to the New York City Family Court Volunteer Attorney Program.

Orrick was one of the five law firms to start this project, which offers pro se litigants in Family Court the opportunity to receive legal advice from lawyers about their cases at a clinic housed in the Family Court. More than 80% of all litigants in Family Court in New York City do not have a lawyer, so this project fills a significant need.

The program started in Kings County (Brooklyn) with five law firms and one corporation. It has now moved to all five boroughs in New York City, and there are now more than 35 law firms and five participating corporations. The project aims to operate statewide as soon as possible.

Since the project began more than five years ago, Orrick staffs the clinic one day per month, and Nick and Rene comprise our Orrick team.

"This is an incredibly meaningful project, helping litigants who face complicated legal problems without any support in perhaps the most important area of law affecting their rights as parents, and ultimately impacting the lives of their children," said Nick. "I can make a great impact in just a few hours each month, which is particularly rewarding."

If you are in the New York office, and are interested in participating in this project, please let Rene or Nick know.