Assisting Democratic Transition Process in Libya


​Attorneys around the firm continue to support the work of our client Public International Law & Policy Group (“PILPG”), a 2005 Nobel Peace Prize nominee, in connection with its work in the Middle East. 

Orrick will assist PILPG in providing legal and policy planning assistance to the Libyan interim government and civil society organizations to support the democratic transition process and transitional justice efforts by drafting a memo on model rules of procedure for constitution drafting commissions.  The memo will be based on international standards and comparative state practice.  These model rules will be shared with members of the Constitution Drafting Commission to support them in considering the rules that are best suited to the Libyan context.  Later this month, the Libyan General National Congress will begin to select the commission members, the commission will then begin the work of drafting thereafter.  The model rules are intended to serve as a starting point in considering the rules of procedure for a constitution drafting commission, and will therefore present options and analysis of best practices and lessons learned from state practice. 

The Orrick team consists of New York securities litigation and regulatory enforcement associate Anushila Shaw, San Francisco career intellectual property associate Michael Richmond, and Wheeling global corporate solutions international compliance analyst Mary Lee Liggett, all supervised by New York intellectual property counsel Cliff Michel.