The Recorder: Orrick Names Mitch Zuklie as Chair-Elect

The Recorder (California) | October.30.2012

This article, about the naming of Mitch Zuklie to chair-elect of the firm, quotes both Chairman Ralph Baxter and Chairman-Elect Mitch Zuklie.

"He is a role model for all of our lawyers about how to blend genuine business expertise and legal expertise in order to serve clients in the best way possible. He has contributed enormously since the first day he arrived," Baxter said.

Mr. Zuklie stated that his past experiences in Silicon Valley will inform his leadership as chairman. "I have been heavily influenced by technology and, more generally, by the spirit of Silicon Valley. But at the end of the day, everything comes down to our first priority, which is to provide world class legal services that are differentiated,” he said.

Mr. Zuklie also stated that he and Mr. Baxter “share an unequivocal belief that each generation of lawyers has to lead with the view of leaving the firm stronger for the next generation."