Start-Up for Nonprofit that Seeks to Promote Computer Science Education in New York City


New York banking and debt capital markets associate Lisa Munoz, supervised by banking and debt capital markets partner Bruce Czachor, will incorporate and file the federal tax exempt application for Computer Science and Technology for Urban Youth, a putative nonprofit whose mission will be to bring meaningful computer science and technical education to middle and high school students in New York City. 

The nonprofit will focus on developing computer science courses and curricula, appropriate training for teachers, courses and activities for students both for during school hours as well as after-school and summer programs, and create and provide supportive and networking opportunities for current students and alumni.  The nonprofit will also seek to advocate for and support the adoption of computer science as a recognized and accredited field by state education agencies, encourage schools to create computer science departments as full-fledged departments, create and maintain reasonable and viable standards for introductory level computer science programs, and to broaden the exposure and appeal of computer science as a field of study beyond those who might already be predisposed to it.