Litigation Advocacy for Two Trafficking Victims from Thailand


An advocacy team is representing two clients, originally from Thailand, who were trafficked to the United States to work in restaurants.  They were not paid for work and forced to work incredibly long hours under deplorable conditions.  These two clients were granted T-Visas, which grants them lawful immigration status and ultimately a path to citizenship as a result of proving their status as trafficking victims.  Unfortunately, and ironically, they are now being sued by their traffickers in state court for defamation, invasion of privacy, and breach of contract.  The claims filed against our clients lack merit.  In addition, our team will file cross-claims and may bring a separate action in federal court to recover under the federal Trafficking Victims Protection Act, wage and hour laws and related claims.  The matter is being co-counseled with the Katharine & George Alexander Community Law Center at Santa Clara University.  The team consists of Sacramento employment counsel Trish Higgins, Sacramento litigation associate Cammy Desmond, San Francisco litigation associate Roland Chang and Silicon Valley employment law partner Lynne Hermle