Associate Helps Pro Bono Client Take Steps to Reclaim His Life


New York litigation associate Ilene Albala successfully represented a low-income client in a challenging evidentiary hearing that resulted in the client obtaining a license that will pave his way to a good, well-paying job.

The client appealed a case before the State of New York's Division of Licensing Services. The client had been denied a license to work as a security guard on the grounds that he was not of good moral character due to his six criminal convictions. The client's criminal record included a series of misdemeanors, none of which stemmed from violent crimes.

Although he previously was homeless and an alcoholic, Ilene focused on the client's life during the past two years when he participated in a well-known community rehabilitative work program.

Based on the client's direct testimony as well as the testimony of a character witness that Ilene procured with great effort, the administrative law judge found that the client had successfully rehabilitated himself and that he was eager to become a contributing member of society, warranting the reversal of the denial of his license.

Ilene began working on the case during her fellowship with the New York Legal Assistance Group.