Transactional Assistance to German, Multi-National NGO


A team of attorneys in Germany will provide significant support to a large NGO based in Berlin, Transparency International (“TI”).  TI is a global civil society organisation fighting against corruption. Through more than 90 national chapters worldwide and an International Secretariat in Berlin, TI raises awareness of the damaging effects of corruption and works with partners in government, business and civil society to develop and implement effective measures to tackle it.  Across the developing world, corruption is widely acknowledged to be a major obstacle to poverty reduction.  The International Secretariat of Transparency International e.V., based in Berlin, is currently in the process of reorganising its internal management and organizational structures in response to its rapid growth in the last few years in terms of the number of staff at the TI Secretariat, the funds it is managing and to address the needs of its new strategy.  TI has requested Orrick’s assistance with a basic legal audit of the Verein to verify whether TI is compliant with German law, based on its key governance structures and processes.  In addition, Orrick will provide TI with advice on the use of the power of attorney under German law.  The team consists of Berlin managing litigation associateChristoph von Kupsch, Berlin real estate/corporate counsel Albrecht von Breitenbuch, Frankfurt corporate partner Dr. Annette Bödeker, Frankfurt corporate associate Klaus Alten, Munich intellectual property counsel Andreas Splittgerber, and Munich intellectual property associate Sebastian Rockstroh.