Energy Horizons: Italian State PPAs: should off-takers really consider them as an alternative to private PPAs?


The Energy Decree, as converted into law, provides that the GSE, a state owned company managing the incentive schemes for renewables in Italy, can buy the energy produced by renewable plants through the execution of long term PPAs and then sell it, at discounted prices, giving priority to a short list of selected entities which include energy-intensive companies. The aim of the provision is to support those companies which are most suffering from the energy crisis giving them access to reasonable prices not influenced by the ongoing speculations.

Guests of this episode are Carlo Montella, partner and global Deputy Business Unit Leader of the Energy and Infrastructure practice at Orrick and Stefano Cavriani, founder and director at Ego Energy. Our guests will discuss which market segments will be more affected by this new piece of legislation and what criticalities they see in its implementation.