Cyber Attacks and Ethical Obligations of In-House and Outside Counsel


Melanie Phillips participated on a cyber attack and ethical obligation panel hosted by the Global Cyber Institute and Thomson Reuters. With her fellow panelists, Melanie discussed how technology has helped lawyers serve clients more effectively in innumerable ways, the ethical law obligations that attorneys must meet and the relevant statutory framework. They also covered the duty of competence, attorney obligation to monitor for a data breach, steps to take to stop the breach and restore systems, attorney duty of confidentiality, and attorney obligation to provide notice of the data breach.

Ethical obligations discussed by the panelists include:

  • Model Rule 1.1 - Duty of Competence
  • Model Rule 1.15(a)
  • Model Rule 1.4(a)(3)
  • Model Rule 1.4(b)
  • Model Rules 1.4 and 8.4 (C)
  • Model Rule 1.6(a)
  • Model Rule 1.6(c)
  • Model Rule 1.6(d)
  • Model Rule 1.9(c)

The program was recorded.