The Prosecutors Owe New York Silence: They Must Keep Quiet As They Consider Charges Against Cuomo

Daily News
4 minute read | August.06.2021

In the aftermath of New York Attorney General Letitia James's thorough and critical report about alleged sexual harassment by Gov. Cuomo, no fewer than five elected district attorneys have announced that they will review the report for potential criminality. Although it focuses on allegations of non-criminal sexual harassment, the report recounts a few instances of unwanted contact by the governor that potentially violate New York's misdemeanor laws against forcible touching and sexual abuse.

Predictably, the mere confirmation by the district attorneys of the counties of Albany, Nassau, New York (Manhattan), Westchester, and as of Wednesday, Oswego, has set off a frenzy in which journalists and advocates seek, and even demand, answers from the prosecutors. Which incidents are being investigated? Will charges be forthcoming and when are they expected? Is he being treated like any other suspect?