Wall Street Money a Canard in DA Race

Daily News
4 minute read | May.04.2021

In a year when more than a dozen people are running for New York City mayor, the race for Manhattan district attorney is not getting much attention. That's a mistake. A vacant seat in this crucial office " which has only had four incumbents in the past 83 years, going back to Thomas E. Dewey " is a rare event. In 2021, the race has become a referendum on reforms being championed by the progressive left.

With eight candidates in a race where a plurality will pick the Democratic nominee " tantamount to election in Manhattan " a familiar media narrative has emerged: "Wall Street" money could well compromise DA investigations. "Wall Street Is Donating to This D.A. Candidate. Is That a Problem?" asks a headline in The New York Times. Other inquiring media minds want to know as well.