Legal Speak Podcast Highlights Orrick’s Racial, Social and Economic Justice Fellowship Program

May.24.2021’s Legal Speak podcast featured our Racial, Social and Economic Justice program and two of our current fellows, associates Andrea Mazingo and Walter Alarkon. The episode explores the work Andrea and Walter are doing to advance social justice, as well as the opportunities the program provides for young lawyers at the firm to spend a year focused on pro bono efforts.

Orrick launched the program in January, partnering with organizations working on the frontlines to address both community needs and national policy. Andrea and Walter are two of the six associates participating in the fellowships; Andrea is working with California-based A New Way of Life, helping previously incarcerated women and their families in the reunification process, while Walter is partnering with Common Future, assisting in efforts to improve economic inequality.

In explaining her reasons for seeking the fellowship, Andrea told Legal Speak: “I see my goal of making the world a more just place as compatible with being a big firm attorney.”

Walter added that the fellowship program can become an innovative model for the legal industry. “We really hope this is kind of a proof of concept of how this can work,” he said. “Big Law has so many skills … And there is so much work to do to get to a more equitable society.”