The Trump Test for the Next DA: Who Can Oversee What Could Be a Complex, High-Stakes Prosecution?

Daily News
1 minute read | April.03.2021

We are now less than 90 days from the primary for Manhattan District Attorney. As the race heats up, so does the investigation of the Trump Organization and former President Donald Trump.

The question voters should be asking is whether any of the eight candidates to succeed DA Cy Vance has what it takes to handle a case of this complexity and historical importance. Although the DA's office has seen many high-profile cases for more than a century" from the Triangle Shirtwaist fire in 1911 to Harvey Weinstein last year, among countless others — it hasn't seen this.

What sets the case apart is the combination of highly complex facts and very high-profile potential defendants. Fraud cases involving accounting issues are already among the most complex criminal cases, for many reasons. These include the need to grasp concepts that laypeople don't deal with every day; experts on both sides that often disagree; and, often, the involvement and advice of lawyers and accountants in the underlying transactions — providing a potential defense for business executives like Trump.