Inside Access - Issue 1: The Proposed UK Emissions Trading Scheme (UK ETS)

Dirk Forrister, CEO of IETA

Inside Access Issue 1One of the many consequences of the UK’s Brexit transition period coming to an end is the UK’s withdrawal from the EU Emissions Trading Scheme. The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy has proposed a replacement trading scheme for the UK; however, with the clock ticking, much about the final design remains uncertain.

In the first of our Inside Access* conversations, we discuss the finer points of what is expected in the new UK Emissions Trading Scheme with Dirk Forrister, CEO of IETA, and gain exclusive access to his insight on the future of the UK and international carbon markets.

*Inside Access is a series of conversations with global leaders in the Energy & Infrastructure sector. In each edition, we discuss key market trends, issues and opportunities with those who are helping to drive the sector forward.