After Storm and Fire: How States Protect Service Members

4 minute read | September.02.2020

This has been an active year for National Guard call-ups to active duty, as the U.S. addresses hurricanes, wildfires and the novel coronavirus pandemic. National Guard activations are likely to remain high for several months due to ongoing responses to COVID-19, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's prediction of a volatile hurricane season and other issues.

The governors of Louisiana, Texas and Arkansas called up significant portions of their state National Guard for relief efforts in the wake of Hurricane Laura last month. The governors of California and Nevada have ordered National Guard troops to active duty in response to the California wildfires.

This article highlights the laws in these states that provide protections to members of the National Guard called to state military service. These laws are in addition to new foreclosure, eviction and other protections enacted to address the COVID-19 pandemic. Creditors should be aware of these laws and pay attention to which of their customers may be entitled to these protections.

Originally published in Law360; reprinted with permission.