Denise Mingrone Advises Companies on Protecting Software IP Against Piracy


Partner Denise Mingrone provided a blueprint for protecting software IP against the escalating risk of piracy during the current Covid-19 crisis in this Law360 article published today.

In the article, Denise, a member of our IP litigation team, noted the rising incidents of software piracy confronting companies since stay-at-home orders began earlier this year, the result of factors such as sophisticated hackers capitalizing on remote working environments. Denise outlines steps companies can take to minimize risk, including reliance on “hearty compliance programs coupled with anti-piracy technology.”

“The keys to success lie in a data-driven analytical approach supported by anti-piracy technology and robust license compliance enforcement programs, which together enable companies to accurately identify, quantify and remediate illegal software use,” the article advises.

The full article can be read here: Safeguarding Software IP During And Beyond The Pandemic.