Building Effective Internal Communication Channels - Latin Lawyer’s The Guide to Corporate Compliance, 1st Ed.

Latin Lawyer Insight
30 minute read | June.05.2020

Daniel R. Alonso, Andrew P. Pennacchia, Benjamin W. Hutten, and Norma Ramirez-Marin wrote “Building effective internal communication channels,” a chapter in The Guide to Corporate Compliance, published by Latin Lawyer Insight and designed to assist key corporate decision makers and their advisers in managing compliance obligations. Although the treatise is applicable to companies globally, it has a special focus on Latin America.

A well-designed and well-implemented compliance program is a critical component of corporate governance. But even the best program will be ineffective without regular and consistent communications. This chapter discusses the need for communicating about the program to those who deal with compliance issues on a daily basis, and outlines the components of an effective communications program.  

Click here to read the chapter – An extract from Latin Lawyer’s The Guide to Corporate Compliance, first published in June 2020.

The whole publication is available here.