Perry Teicher Discusses the Value of Impact Finance in ABA Journal

ABA Journal

Orrick Impact Finance Attorney Perry Teicher recently spoke with ABA Journal about the growing number of lawyers who practice in the impact finance and investment and social enterprise sectors.

Orrick was one of the first global law firms to establish an Impact Finance and Investment practice, bringing Perry on board to lead the group in 2017. Perry balances his own practice, which has included counseling clients such as Blue Forest Conservation on the development and structure of the Forest Resilience Bond, along with coordinating impact finance and investment efforts across the firm. According to Perry, the goal is to integrate, coordinate and support the myriad touchpoints involved in these often-complex transactions.

"There's a lot of value in having a practice group that's structured; that says there's a home for this type of work," Perry noted, adding, "Law students today want to be doing complex work that's meaningful, and having the opportunity to do that where the ethos is embedded in the firm is really powerful."