Harry Clark Discusses U.S. Export Regulations with Nikkei


Orrick’s Harry Clark discusses U.S. export regulations with Nikkei Asian Review in light of Huawei Technologies’ collaboration with French-Italian chipmaker STMicroelectronics.

Harry told Nikkei that the most recent indications are that there will be changes to U.S. export controls designed to expand restraints on the supply of non-U.S. made items to designated Huawei companies. He explained that if controls are tightened, a chip manufacturer could be found in violation of U.S. law if it sells chips to a non-U.S. intermediary who then sells them on to Huawei. The intermediary in that case could also be found in violation, though the details of any potential rule changes are not yet known. "The U.S. government has demonstrated an ability to effectively investigate non-U.S. producers and penalize them when it finds that they have contravened U.S. export controls," Harry noted.