Daryl Shetterly Discusses the State of Legal Tech on Law.com’s “Legal Speak” Podcast


Daryl Shetterly, Director of Orrick Analytics, was a featured guest on this week’s Law.com “Legal Speak” podcast, discussing the state of legal technology and innovation at Orrick as part of ALM’s annual Legalweek conference.

Asked to describe an essential legal tech tool that has emerged in recent years, Daryl identified Reynen Court,  an app store in development that will provide lawyers with access to a variety of tools across the legal tech ecosystem and enable them to bring those tools into their firms quickly and easily. Orrick is an investor in Reynen Court and part of a consortium of law firms that has backed its development.

Daryl also singled out Observatory as an example of the firm’s innovative approach to helping lawyers across the firm access the most up-to-date tools to deliver legal services efficiently. Observatory is our internal social network tool for sharing information and experiences related to legal technology. “If you’re in the firm, and you want to learn more about a new tool, you can look in Observatory, where you can see who has demo’d it, who is using it, and get first-hand knowledge about it, rather than having people in different groups in silos, looking at the same tools and not sharing any of that information, “ said Daryl.

Listen to the podcast on Law.com or via Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify or Libsyn. Daryl’s segment begins at 1.33.