The American Lawyer @40: Mitch Zuklie Discusses the Future of Legal Industry


Orrick Chairman Mitch Zuklie spoke with The American Lawyer’s Dan Packel for their September issue, which celebrates the publication's 40th anniversary. In his discussion of where Big Law is headed, Mitch predicts that technology and artificial intelligence will drive how law firms are structured. "Everything that can be taken out of the hands of subject-matter experts and handed over to the process experts and technologists will be. There will be far fewer associates sitting in rooms with documents and more strategic partnerships among law firms and legal tech providers." He added that firms will evolve toward a 60/40 balance between lawyers and other professionals. The impact will be increased cognitive diversity within firms and more creative, innovative solutions for clients. Technology will also change how law students evaluate firms. There will be far greater data available. "As a result of that, culture will become a greater differentiator," Mitch noted.