Lynne Hermle Highlights Promise of New California Law Requiring Women Directors on Public Company Boards in Op-Ed

San Jose Mercury News

In this San Jose Mercury News Op-Ed, partner Lynne Hermle details how public companies will benefit from new California regulations requiring boards to include at least one woman board member by the end of this year. Lynne outlines the stakes for companies to comply with the legislation, which also calls for companies with at least five directors to have a minimum of two women board members by the end of 2021 (and at least three women directors if boards have six members or more).

Lynne notes that there is a wealth of talented women who can serve in such roles in Silicon Valley and other tech centers, including Dayna Grayson at NEA, Beth Seidenberg at Westlake Village Biometrics, Aileen Lee at Cowboy Ventures, Trae Vasallo at Defy, Mary Meeker at Bond and Katie Haun at Andressen.

“The legislation’s implementation won’t be without challenges,” Lynne wrote. “But the rewards could extend far beyond gender equity – delivering better, balanced corporate decision making at a time when business is playing a greater leadership role in society.